Parade Lineup 2014

1 JR Hickey Post Color Guard Stafford
2 Towpath Band Stafford
3 Grand Marshall Vehicle Stafford
4 Palmyra Republican Committee Political Stafford
5 Creative Environment Children Bunny Trail
6 John Katko Political Stafford
7 Clyde Saxton Band Stafford
8 Art Hauf  Vehicle Stafford
9 Greece Post 468 Color Guard Stafford
10 Pal Mac Conservatory of Dance Dance Group Stafford
11 Robert Graham Antique Firetruck Vehicle Stafford
12 Firetruck Vehicle Stafford
13 Marion Red Caps Band Community Center
14 Canaltown Nursery School Children Bunny Trail
15 Firetruck Vehicle Feed in
16 J Man 75 Antique Tractors Vehicles Community Center
17 Prime Time Brass Band Community Center
18 Vietnam Reinactors Color Guard Community Center
29 Police Costume Kids Children Community Center
20 Dan Maffei Political Community Center
21 St. Annes School Children Bunny Trail
22 Savannah Cellarsavers Band Fairgrounds
23 Gananda Rotary Float Bunny Trail
24 Scouts 166 Children Fairgrounds
25 Hit Men Band ?
26 Barony of Thescorre Reenactors Fairgrounds
27 Firetruck Vehicle Feed in
28 Dan Nichols Political Fairgrounds
29 Palmyra Zumba Dance Group Fairgrounds
30 Firetruck Vehicle Feed in
31 CA Palmer Band Fairgrounds
32 Doughboys Color Guard Fairgrounds
33 Blazeys Vehicles Fairgrounds
34 CNY Band Fairgrounds
35 Oasis of Hope Float Bunny Trail
36 Early College Internat. HS Color Guard Fairgrounds
37 Firetruck Vehicle Feed in
38 PMHS Band W Jackson /feed in
39 Wayne County Queens Queens Fairgrounds
40 Firetruck Vehicle Feed in
41 Scope Political Fairgrounds
42 Mighty St. Joe's Band W Jackson /feed in